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  1. More than 14 years of experience , since 2006 .Unique in every way. Thousands of happy , satisfied customers all over the world.HAPPY LIVING- The world of ancient indian wisdom & heritage!! Happy Living ® is an Indian based ancient Indian culture, wisdom , sciences & heritage oriented organization rooted in 2006 by learned vedic experts with years of experience in the science of ancient Indian wisdom.
  2. The only ancient Indian vedic wisdom based organization whose root aim is to enlighten with true knowledge & remove all misconceptions , superstitions & irrelevant religious act. With its scientific approach HAPPY LIVING®’s quality products, expert services, vedic courses have marked an edge in spreading ancient Indian wisdom around the world. “HAPPY LIVING® does not believe in any mythological , superstitious or religious outlook of ancient Indian science, it simply believes ancient Indian science as the most powerful medium to create peace, happiness & harmony in the world. Thus, we are the only believer in spiritual enlightenment without applying any unnecessary tantrums in the name of religion & we don’t preach in the name of any pundits
  3. Exceptional , timely & most caring services.
  4. We work on long term business relations with our customers.
  5. Strong values & beliefs.
  6. We provide most affordable products, services in the world.Rare , Made to Order &Customised products is our speciality.
  7. At Happy Living you will not find any religious pundits , but learned well educated scholars.
  8. World’s first ,widest& most exclusive online webshop- all kinds of genuine vedic products under one roof- The largest of its kind in the world.
  9. Knowledgeable , easy to understand Vedic courses designed by experts with years of research & experience. Making Knowledge accessible to the world with the ease in communication. Students from all over the world take the opportunity to learn here.
  10. Expert Vedic consultancy from Known Vedic Expertize with more than 20 years of experience.
  11. Quality & Reliability: Needless to mention, quality & reliability is our first & foremost priority. We leave no stone unturned to match up to the exact requirements & expectations of our clients, in any part of this world as we simply follow the “Word of mouth Publicity”. Being a leader and wholesaler, we bring to you the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Each product & service is the result of our special enhancements & in-depth dedication, research & development. Our products and services have already created a sensation in the global market with a number of satisfied customers. Made of the finest raw material these products have created waves in the global market. The exquisitely designed products showcase various enchanting designs. We do quality checks to ensure that the final product reaches to you in the most flawless state.
  12. Pure, natural, genuine, handcrafted, biodegradable , environmental friendly products.
  13. Regular updates on reviving Indian heritage & the power of Vedas.
  14. Each & every product detail is mentioned clearly for the ease of understanding & using of the customer.
  15. Incredible online & print media presence to enhance the reach every in every way possible.
  16. World-wide reach & Global presence.
  17. The dedicated &well learned team of researchers behind the brand.
  18. Reliable sources, manufactures & suppliers who operate on a fair trade basis, have high ethical and moral values and who try to minimize their impact on the environment. We are learned people that bring out the scientific aspect in this wonderful gifted ancient Indian sciences by our learned sages.” HAPPY LIVING- “its all in the mind” !!Happy Living certainly becomes the choice of everyone in this world & occupies the top position for Genuine Vedic & religious products, knowledgeable vedic courses & expert vedic advices.
  1. Excellent Corporate & Personal Trainings/Workshops.
  2. Friendly & Very Supportive Staff.