Vaastu HAPPY LIVING ® offer consultations & expert solutions from renowned VEDIC EXPERTS with years of experience &practice .


Consultation available for:

  • Numerology Complete Analysis
  • Residential Vaastu Complete Analysis
  • Commercial Vaastu Complete Analysis
  • Remedial Vaastu
  • Astrology
  • Gem Therapy
  • Palmistry
  • FengShui Complete Analysis
  • Tarot Reading Analysis
  • Match Making
  • Horoscope Making
  • Gemstone Recommendation
  • Astrological Queries
  • Positive Life Skills
  • Out of Corporate Stress Mess

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  1. Charges vary as per the Consultant ,Query, Mode (Personal, Online, Through Community).
  2. No 100 % Guarantee for any future predictions. No one in the world can do that. Yes, surely precise and relevant answers will be provided based on true facts and possibilities. Predictions are based on Calculations which are accurate.
  3. Mail or WhatsApp for appointments.
  4. We don’t believe in any false promises & superstitious rituals.
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