1. The blogging section in Digital Resources gives an opportunity to Vedic Experts from all over the world to submit their blogs on any VEDIC & Positive Life Style topic with their Brief Bio.
  2. Products in Talk Section unfolds the new, effective vedic products & their details. This section allows any manufacturer/ supplier of vedic products to advertise his product in detail.
  3. Services in Talk Section unfolds the new, effective vedicservices , Life Coaching or /and any other skill that helps in the betterment of human life (yoga, Ayurveda etc.)&their details. This section allows any Expert with pre verified qualification to advertise the same in detail.
  4. Stories : This section will allow Experts to share their marvelous & Inspirational stories .
  5. Inspiration: This Section will allow Experts to write short stories about their lives and /or any other incident in their life inspired by others, to create a beautiful impact on everyone.
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  8. This section is only created to promote & get inspired by people in related fields!
  9. Through the inputs the visitors on the website are FREE to connect to the EXPERT directly on the mentioned details in their respective BIO.