Who We Are

Vaastu Happy Living® rooted in 2006, is the world of ancient indian wisdom available through the sacred texts in Vedas and through Vedic Studies like Astrology, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology,Gem Therapy and more. With highly qualified Vedic Experts, we render our services all over the world & with their guidance & years of experience in the science of ancient Indian Vedic wisdom today we stand by our name and promote the wonderful culture of HAPPY LIVING. We are based in NEW DELHI , INDIA. With a passion to the scientific approach and effective solutions given in the vedic sciences, Our motto is “spreading ancient indian wisdom around the world!”

We are the complete source of generating happiness & positive outlook.

Our Story

Vaastu : Happy Living® – The brand established in 2006 with the motive of generating awareness & providing in –depth guidance on the ancient Indian architecture- Vaastu shastra ,today is now a renowned name for :

Complete Consultancy in :Vaastu, Feng-shui ,Numerology , Astrology, and Gem Therapy, Positive Living and more.

World-Class  & Customized Products in :Vaastu, Feng-shui, Gem Therapy, Astrology,Birthstones, Crystals Carvings , Gemstones & related items. Our products are all positively charged for best results.

Unmatched Services in :Reputed online Vedic courses, in time services, knowledgeable books & Personal Consultations and more.

We specialize in wholesale of all vedic products products , rare products , customised crystals , fengshui products , specific pyramids , yantras ,customized & rare crystals , gemstones & positively charged vedic products and much more.Our main channel of distribution being wholesale & retail, wherein we supply all kinds of Vaastu, fengshui& other relevant vedic range of products.Exclusive& Wide Range of  products can be purchased at our online shop

You can get daily updates on retail products on our website & www.facebook.com/vaastuhappyliving

For products not mentioned here, please mail at vaastuhappyliving@gmail.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Vaastu Happy Living® is the only best quality , organized brand for vedic products.

Our Vedic Courses helps in moving closer to the vedic knowledge. Our courses are self explainatory & are designed with the aim of spreading the right scientific knowledge of the powerful & sacred vedic studies. They have proved beneficial to thousands of people now & we have changed their outlook towards The Remarkable Vedic Sciences. We provide the required online help needed to understand concepts.Our classroom courses are headed by highly experienced Practicing Experts , thereby clearing all concepts & insights.

Our Belief

HAPPY LIVING®- The world of ancient indian wisdom & heritage!!

Happy Living ® is an Indian based ancient Indian culture, wisdom , sciences & heritage oriented organization rooted in 2006 by learned vedic experts with years of experience in the science of ancient Indian vedic wisdom.

We believe that out of 100% in life , 50 % is predecided & destined. 25% is sheer hardwork and the remaining 25% can be balanced by applying Vedic Knowledge into our lives bringing out a positive, prosperous life. HAPPY LIVING® does not believe in any mythological , superstitious or religious outlook of ancient Indian science, it simply believes in ancient Indian science as the most powerful medium to create peace, happiness & harmony in the world. Thus, we are only the believers in spiritual enlightenment without applying any unnecessary tantrums in the name of religion & we don’t preach in the name of any pundits. We are learned people that bring out the scientific aspect in this wonderful gifted ancient Indian sciences by our learned sages.

We at Happy Living are proud to render the most enhanced and successful products and services in the field of vedic sciences to the entire world. Adapted from the ancient Indian scriptures & in-depth studies, our guidance is governed by the laws of the nature.

Our Objective

Our primary objective will always be creating Happiness & making a positive change in everyone’s life across the globe. Application of Vaastu Shastra the mystic science of Indian architecture can be the reason of happiness in many lives as it can remove major hurdles & blocking stones of life.

We focus on supplying bulk quantities of effective , positively charged products. Our Courses are designed with a simple aim to make them understandable to everyone. Thus complex principles are explained in simple words making the science behind the subject easily applicable.

So, create happiness in your & others lifestyles by adopting the wide range of Happy Living® products & services.

Our Happy Living® Team is always looking forward to create immense happiness in your life.

So make a major change in your life today. To know more write in to us.

Get in detail Numerology Chart , Astrology Chart, Compatibility Chart, Vaastu Analysis , Vaastu Remedial Chart and more.

The money spent on vedic sciences is like getting dollars for penny. The effects generated by Vedic Applications is worth millions & millions full of happiness & prosperity

With this aim we have been providing the best products and services in the field of vedicsciences .With the team efforts of intellectual Vedic Experts today the brand enjoys word of mouth publicity & a diversified clientele from all over the world.